Hipster style: Zalando fashion horoscope



No one believe in it, but everyone check it out. What am I talking about? Horoscope obviously.

Who has never read at least once his sign or what stars says please puts your hands up. If you love fashion and you find out that you can read fashion horoscope, discovering month after month which style represents you more, it’s impossible to resist. It’s really interesting to find out which style suits you better for starts new year.

I went on Zalando website in fashion horoscope section, dedicated to fashion and stars, and I discovered many curiosities about my sign (the profile it’s perfect, I really recognized me a lot in it), but even my style for January. The result it’s Hipster style. It can be just a coincidence, but it’s a bit that I am thinking about experimenting a style like that, it always intrigued me, but I never realized it.

Always on Zalando I find out that hipster style has born in the 40s in the United States from white guys that were in love with afro-american culture. It is made by researched pieces, even already used. Most used apparel are denim, checkered shirt and plimsolls. Before trying I’ve never thought that I could like a style like that, but I literally felt in love with hipster style.

If you wanna realize an hipster style look you can find shirt here, jeans here, sneaker here and sweater here. I can’t wait to find out my style for February, that it’s even my birthday. If you want go on Zalando website and find out the style that matches perfectly with your sign. On Zalando, you can even find many ideas and inspiration for Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfit, style advices and all brands for great prices.

A real shout of pleasure.


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