UGG Boots collection, my own

UGG Boots collection, my own:


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Today I wanna talk you about Ugg Boots, that are a real obsession for me. I had many, some overused till be lost, and I am still buying new ones. Firstly, even if someone says that “UGG” derives from “ugly”, I think are really gorgeous. Even more they match with everything: joggers, jeans, casual outfit and so on. Last they are so comfy and toasty. The only problem it’s that not all the models are waterproof, because they are twin-faced  sheepskin leather made, the inside it’s fur effect while outside tan. That’s why I bought two pairs with a different leather, no suede. I even asked myself about origins of this amazing boots. I found out that are from Australia!!! The most interesting part it’s that there are used since 1920 for their thermal skills. It’s just at the end of 50s that Frank Mortel starts producing them like UGG boots, after that in 1958 his wife called the first pair “ugly”. In a bit there are lots of Ugg, Fug, Ugh producers. In 1981 Macquire austalian language dictionary define with Ugg boots all this kind of shoes.

In 1960 they became popular amongst australian surfers that wear them after challenges, to keep their feet hot. Than even California ones start wearing this boots, fighting for them at the few importers. In a few there will be need of US distributors. In 1978 the surfer Brian Smith made this a masterpiece even amongst american surfers.

It’s in 1994, when american athletes, wear them during winter Olympic Games and 1995 when Smith show UGG AUSTRALIA during Rush Limbaugh show that these boots are under all the lights. August ’95 Smith sells the brand to Deckers Outdoor Corporation for over 14 million dollars.

Never considered fashion in Australia, in 2001 UGGs start to be a must have, thanks marketing strategies made by Deckers, showing them at VIPs feet: Kate Hudson, SJP, Leonardo di Caprio, Cameron Diaz and JLo, Oprah that insert UGG amongst her “Favorite Things” during her show.

Since that moment our boots started their rise to success, loved by celebrities and fashionistas from all over the world. Fundamentals accessories for our winter exits.

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