About - Melissa Cabrini

Melissa Cabrini


Hi!!! I am Melissa, I started blogging with the aim of sharing my outfits and my love for fashion with as many people as possible. Since the beginning many luxury brands trusted on my work, inviting me at their events and asking to wear their creations. Obviously it has been a great surprise and it is an honour to be able to live doing what I love. About me I can say that I am a normal girl that showed her love for fashion until my childhood. My other big passion is travel, I love to unplug from everyday routine and being catapulted in new realities with the opportunity to learn new life styles and habits. I think that every travel feed our soul and everyone should catch every opportunity for doing it, not just to have fun, but even to discover new opportunities and found something new to aim for. Every travel is a discover of something new and of yourself. I love animals, I love them deeply. I help them when I can and I do my best to change the situation of many of them. I am calm, but if I know that someone treat them bad I literally teed off. If I should write a list of things that I love most surely eating would be in the top. I am able to ingest a great quantity of food. I adore eating, and I think that one of the biggest injustices of the life is that eating a lot makes you fat. Many times I said that if I could express a desire I would like to eat everything without gaining weight. My favourite foods are pizza and fries, with a cold Coca Cola, and I even love my mom’s lasagne!!! I hate every kind of exercise, every time that I go to the gym I feel sad. I really admire who have the power to do it, it’s just not my business. With regret for my boyfriend Save that loves to go there (congratulation to whom that understand why!!!). Another characteristic of me is my daily battle with my curly hair. I love curly hair, they are amazing, but not on me, that’s why everyday I spend hours with all my arms trying to made them straight. I even have many manias like using a 50 sunscreen cream on my face everytime I go out, even in winter, I need always with me my natural cocoa butter (my lips always get dry and hurt), I have to know that there is always a toilet where I go (I drink so much water) and the same nail polish that I am wearing have to be in my bag (I hate if it is chip). I always drink a noni juice spoon before bed (it’s a panacea) and I check all the day to have my sunglasses with me (after a surgery I am photosensitive). Don’t be scared, I even have qualities (maybe..)!!! I am graduated in foreign languages and my fav is spanish, I adore Barcelona with the unique architecture and its artists. I love Prada shoes and on my top bags there are surely 2.55, Lady Dior and Céline Phantom. I really dislike Kelly by Hermès. I love all the colors, I think that if you match them in the best way all are essentials. Few times ago I would have never worn yellow or red, but when yellow became a must have we all discovered that it’s not that bad!!! I hate coins, I would like to substitute them with paper. They smell and if I keep them in my hands even for a bit I start scratching. My favorite flower is peony, it’s beautiful and elegant, my dream is to marry with Vera Wang dress that is in the movie Bride Wars. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the movie that I could watch ever and I read all Harry Potter books, but the best one for me it’s The Picture of Dorian Gray (I read it thousand times!!!). I love to cook desserts because they are even beautiful and not just delicious, but I appreciate a lot when I find the meal ready!!! I often wear heels, but I don’t really like it, I feel more comfy with other kind of shoes. I adore Miranda Kerr, she’s so awesome and classy, she is so perfect that doesn’t seems to be human. Even her family with Oralndo Bloom it’s perfect. I always follow X-Factor, both Italian and US, it’s the best TV show ever!!! I don’t go often to the movie theatre because around me there are always people that talk or eat kilos of pop-corn!!! Till when I was a baby I am a Disney cartoons fan and that even inspired the name of my blog. My favorite princess is Belle, both cause she’s beautiful and for her character. I always thought that Disney movies are more than music and images. I hope that telling you something about me you can now understand a bit more of me and about my passion for what I do. Thanks with all my heart to all my followers!!!