My homemade facial scrub recipe



Homemade facial scrub. I want reveal you the first one of my countless natural beauty recipes. I deeply believe in the power of nature for health and beauty benefits. I often go to herbal medications when I feel a little bit sick and for my skin and hair I realize a lot of “slops” like this one. They are easy to do, fast and really effective. Unfortunately in the commercially available products we can find a lot of chemical harmful ingredients, that makes the situation worse. Recently the attention towards this matter is growing and natural products lovers are increasing. Homemade products like my homemade facial scrub are always a guarantee, we know what we are spreading on our face and the results are really surprising.

Skin scrub is fundamental for the cellular renewal and to stimulate micro blood flow. It removes dead cells and gives you a healthy brighter skin tone.

To make it is very simple. You need only a little bowl in which you will pour honey and brown sugar in the same quantity. Mix with a spoon and the work is done. Now dampen your face with lukewarm water and put on your homemade facial scrub with circular movements. Leave to work for a minute, so that the honey gives energy to the skin, activating it, and rinse. Now the softness of your skin will astonish you.

In place of sugar you can use also salt (more aggressive) or bicarbonate (for sensitive skins). I use this scrub every two weeks, and I find my skin brighter and softer than ever. This is only one of the countless recipes for a homemade facial scrub. The important thing is to mix always a moisturizing ingredient, like honey, yoghurt, olive oil, with an exfoliating one, like sugar, salt, coffee (perfect for cellulite) and some flours.

In any case I will share with you my experiments and I will recommend you the best recipes. This one is absolutely amazing. I use it also for my hand and it’s the best one for rough skin areas and to remove cuticles.




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