For me taking care of my skin is a real obsession. There are two reasons for it: firstly I feel guilty with my face skin, that everyday is stressed by make up and sun, then cause I think that our face is our instant business card, and a bright and relaxed skin gives always a good start. That’s why I am always looking for quality products, that not block the pores and stimulate the cellular renew.
The brand that I chose for the care of my face skin is BIOCOSMO, a well-advanced brand in the use of ‘NANOCOSMETICS’, well known to be an excellent alternative to the cosmetic surgery. All BIOCOSMO products and many other brands are on BeautyPrivè, a cosmetics e-commerce with a really big variety of products with amazing prices.
The latest products that I bought are the CELLULAR ACTIVATOR night cream and the DNA SKIN CELL REPAIRER serum, I can’t wait to use them. I have to admit that when I had the awesome pack on my hands (I love the e-commerce that take care of the packaging), I already have ordered one product more.
When I wanna pamper myself and buy something for taking care of my body I just have to go on this site and I can find all what I need: from perfumes to hair creams, from make up to face products, till manicure accessories.
It’s a virtual perfume shop, with so many products and affordable prices, and we all know how great is to do shopping sitting on your sofa, even more if you save money!


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