Chanel décolleté and mid length skirt

Chanel décolleté

Chanel décolleté and mid length skirt

The first thing that I find out this morning it’s that this Chanel décolleté are blue, and not black as I always thought. The funniest thing it’s that I already wore them, but during a runway, and I was sure were black. It already happened with Valentino’s, but it’s absurd that it happened again. I bought these Chanel décolleté on ebay, for a great price, now I understand why. It’s a joke, I love them anyway, they are comfortable and gorgeous. I match them with this look, playing like I love to do with the contrasts. A romantic skirt with rock pieces, my favorite mix. What I wear like tee it’s a dress, that you can see here. I love to use clothes, that I already show to you in a post, in a different way. Often the results give me great satisfactions. Like always when I wear a skirt like this one I start playing with it, running everywhere like a stupid, with twirls and jumps. For the poor Save has been hard to take a picture well focused. Being these Chanel décolleté so comfy it really don’t helped a lot. I was even more crazy. The most beautiful thing of working with my boyfriend it’s this one, I can be my self at all. Luckily the blog is now growing a lot, and for the new year I have many projects with professional photographers. I am so happy for it and even excited, I can’t wait. I have to say that I am even scared. I always worked with Save that knows very shades of my character, that knows when I joke, he has fun when I have fun and he suffer me in that days when I am really not photogenic. Shooting with other photographer I guarantee you the scare me, I will be a bit anxious and I just hope to be good enough. In the past I already was in the fashion world and I worked many times like a model, even for photos. But now many time have been passed and in this time I did totally different things. By the way I am sure I’ll have fun and I hardly wait for starting all the new projects that the year that is coming will bring with him. Even this time Me and Save had lots of fun, and I have to say a big thank you for all the time that everyday he deserves for me and my project.

Chanel décolleté Chanel décolleté Chanel décolleté Chanel décolleté Chanel décolleté Chanel décolleté Chanel décolleté Chanel décolleté


CHANEL décolleté





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