New Year Eve with Lycra®



We are all excited because New Year Eve is coming. In just few days there will be one of the most important and funny days of the year. It represents the end of a path, but even the begin of a new one, that it’s already full of hopes and projects.

One of the best part of New Year Eve party it’s to choose outfit, hairstyle and make up. It’s one of that occasions in which you can dare a bit, and no one want to lose this opportunity. Underwear is one of the parts we care most (obviously) for this day. Generally, all women know how it’s important to feel comfortable with ourselves wearing nice and matching set underwear, and even more something that suits with our personality. For New Year Eve night it has to be flawless.

I found a nice help in the choice using one of my favorite webistes: This website is devoted to underwear and pantyhose made in LYCRA®, a material that changed fashion world, thanks to a high wearability and comfort. Using this fiber apparel perfectly follow body’s shape giving a graceful silhouette, with no sign and no stress.

The website is full of advice and inspirations that are really useful for us. For Christmas and New Year Eve time, Daily Chic organized on his Facebook page: a really nice quiz named “AstroChic 2014″. Answering to simple and funny questions, you can find out you lucky underwear for 2014, that you can already wear during New Year Eve, for starting it in the best way possible. I obviously already did the test (I couldn’t resist) and my result is DISINVOLTO (saucy) so let’s start with Guepiére and sexy laces. Don’t miss the chance to play, it’s easy and you even will have your horoscope for next year.

In the end stars know.


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