Holiday Video – Tenerife 2013


Happy week end guys. Today I finally decided to post my holiday video of my latest holidays in Tenerife this summer. We was looking for an holiday video a bit different, not the usual one with panorama and regards, so we did. Just watching it I feel so much nostalgia. It has been an amazing period and an awesome holiday! The hotel was so stylish, black and white marble everywhere, lots of mirrors (I love mirrors), Antique Greece inspired swimming pools, and the food, oh! The food! We have tried so many restaurants in 21 days before founding out the one! Bianco Restaurant! The best in Tenerife, excellent food, fresh and healthy ingredients, tasty and the whole staff kind and smiling, the perfect situation for dine out when you just want to be happy, guaranteed! The beach has been just the set for few shooting, but I can tell you, that the sand was clean and white and the sea light and blue, but I prefer swimming pool, if the swimming pool it’s like that! With your place reserved and lots of quite in it, time that I’ve used for reading piles of magazines and a really nice book. In the case you are planning to go there, feel free to contact me and I will give you few suggestion! I decided to add at the holiday video even some of the outfit that I showed you in the blog, I hope you enjoy the result! Vacations it’s the best period during the whole year, Sun, sea, good food, what could we want more? Do you agree with me? We work hard all the rest of the year, and then when we can rest we just want to have fun, relax, enjoy the time there doing what we want to do in harmony, with no stress and lots of smile. Holidays are made for that! I hope Me and Save spread you our joy and tranquillity during that days. By the way did you see Save’s sense of rhythm? Crazy! I feel so ashamed compared to him.

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